The House of BOBBYL : Diamonds & Engagement Rings | The Design Studio
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The Design Studio

  • Each diamond is hand selected with the highest visual beauty and optimum quality and then transformed into the culmination of extraordinary artistry.
  • There are 3 stages that are incorporated in the design studio
  • 1. Dream stage- find a picture or bring in a sketch of what you like and from here we will incorporate your ideas and jump into the evolution stage
  • 2.Evolution stage- The process will include a ‘cad-cam’ image as the initial view, which is a computerized design image. This is to show you how your chosen design will look before it is finished, once this is approved we will create this piece into a wax model that will be cast into the metal of your choice.
  • 3. The Omega stage- This is where we present to you the final product that will be inscribed with Bobby L’s signature pink sapphire and with a promise: to rediscover beauty and brilliance all within reach. We want to make purchasing an exquisite piece of jewelry, enjoyable, comfortable and affordable. We are not a retail store, so therefore we are passing the savings along to you, our client.
  • Elegance, beauty and fire are all within reach